"AERO-GEL" Aerosol Degreaser

"AERO-GEL" Aerosol Degreaser
"AERO-GEL" Aerosol Degreaser
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**NSF C1 Authorized**

  • Contains 70% D-Limonene for cutting through grease, oil, tar, pitch, asphalt and roofing compounds.
  • Sprays like a liquid and sets up like a gel.

Prop 65 Warning

"AERO-GEL" is a thick, clinging and emulsifiable gel allowing penetrating agents to efficiently work on vertical or irregular surfaces. Formulated with 70% d-Limonene, it puts the cleaning power right where you need it most.

Ideal For Use On:

  • Tools (e.g. Asphalt Spreaders, Rollers, Heating Pots, Paddles, Buckets, Brooms, Shovels)
  • Masonry Surfaces (e.g. Brick, Stone, Concrete)