9-1-1 Emergency Roof Patch

9-1-1 Emergency Roof Patch
9-1-1 Emergency Roof Patch
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  • Pour directly from pail into a 1/2" layer over suspected area of the leak. If the leak does not stop within a couple of minutes, pour additional material. As long as the 9-1-1 Roof Patch stays wet it will continue to seal the leak. When the roof is dry, sweep up the residue and make permanent repairs.


  • Covers approximately 50 sqft.


  • 3.5 gallon plastic pail. (25lbs)

The Great Dane Tool Co. 9-1-1 Roof Patch is made of a natural mineral compound that expands into a gel instantly upon contact with water to make a temporary leak-proof seal for flat built-up roofs. It is the perfect product for sealing leaking roofs in inclement weather. 9-1-1 Roof Patch can even be applied in pouring rain and will move through standing water to stop leaks in minutes. No special equipment is required for handle or pouring. It is non-polluting and will not support flame.